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Hi and Welcome,

I’m Patty Rutkowski. Chicagoan born and raised, Chicago proud, I wanted to create a store that featured what I care about…Chicago, Medical professionals, Chicago sports, Law enforcement, Chicago Irish, Family, fun, holidays and more.

Retired after working for 50 years, I have a broadcasting degree and worked in Chicago radio for 7 years, was a bookstore manager for 12 years, former news reporter, I was an executive secretary for over 25 years. Love to write, love hockey and baseball especially.

Blessed with a wonderful sports-crazy husband, fantastic family, pretty good health, and lots of marketing experience, I’d like to share Chicago with those who love it.

Sports fans and season ticket holders, hubby “Uncle” Wayne and I are happily married almost 30 years. Crazy about our nieces and nephews, we were taking care of mom who died recently at 91 after seven years of dementia.

Do you have any fun Chicago design ideas? Please share so we can all enjoy. At Chicagofootprints, we care about our customers. Please let me know what we can help with. Our team will take care of you.

Thanks for stopping by…care for a cup of coffee?

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